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I still remember standing at the front of the school gym in Hounslow as all the budding Zumbatomic (now Zumba Kids + Zumba Kids Jr.) instructors arrived for their training course.

I noticed Sarah immediately as she walked into the room, phone in hand, desperately trying not to cry at the same time as suppressing her anger and frustration at being let down.

Wanting to help in some way I asked Sarah what had happened and she explained that the instructor she had found to cover her class that morning had just texted her to say she couldn't make it.

I'm Naomi

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How could Sarah just leave her participants hanging?

She had no-one to teach the class and no way of contacting all her participants in that instant - the class was due to start in 30 minutes!

She desperately tried to contact other instructors through the Zumba website but only being able to send one message at a time meant it was time consuming and who knew if they even saw the message. There was no response to her urgent plea on Facebook - which is now so overcrowded getting visibility for posts is difficult to say the least, let alone getting an actual response.

I wonder how many of us would have done the same thing as Sarah?

She was torn: She had been waiting months to take the Zumbatomic training course, but the feeling of responsibility for her class and her regard for her participants meant she had no choice but to leave the training and go to teach her class.

The image of Sarah upset, desperate and frustrated stuck in my mind.

Many of you have told me that finding reliable and excellent instructors to sub your classes is really hard.

You have also told me that finding decent jobs teaching fitness and dance classes is almost impossible.

It is my mission to help you as fitness professionals and dance teachers to enjoy your lives and grow your businesses in a way that completely fits who you are.Wasting time trying to find someone to teach is unnecessary and a pain in the ass (see what I did there?)!

Fast forward a couple of years and here we are: Cover My Class is born!

CoverMyClass. Today is the one-stop solution to cover your class and to find work whether in a permanent or temporary position.

  • No more searching on multiple websites for instructors who teach various programs
  • Now they are all in the same place!
  • Are you even aware of the other fitness instructors and dance teachers in your area?
  • Now you can find them all quickly and easily!
  • Fed-up of wasting your time sending individual messages to numerous instructors?
  • Now you can send them all an alert to your job at the click of a button!
  • Uncertain of the quality of cover instructors?
  • Now you can check out their teaching style and watch videos of them doing their thing before hiring them and once you find colleagues who are an awesome fit, simply ‘ favourite‘ them so it‘s even quicker to contact them next time!
  • Scared to let an unknown instructor loose on your students?
  • Now you can get to know them via private message as well as checking out their qualifications, licenses, videos, social media, website, professional affiliations, DBS (CRB) checks as well as reviews left by other instructors!
  • Been burned by other instructors letting you down last minute?
  • Now you can read reviews left by other instructors, teachers and facilities who have already worked with them!
  • Ever woken up feeling on your death bed, or with sick children and unable to go teach?
  • Now you can instantly contact all available instructors in your area at once to find someone in an emergency!

This website is not for everyone

If you teach kids maths or teenagers how to drive, this is not for you!

Yes, there are other sites out there who offer a similar service. But they don't have the focus or the clean functionality that Cover My Class has. There's no confusion here. It simply does what it says on the tin.

I proudly support fitness instructors, dance teachers, dance studios and fitness facilities to connect.

If we truly want to grow as an industry to become valued, respected and treated as we deserve to be (like professionals!) then we have to support each other.

Become part of our community

of fitness instructors, dance teachers, fitness facilities and dance studios and you will be building our profession, contributing to our chosen charities Mind, YoungMinds and Performers Without Borders.

The first 2000 subscribers to Cover My Class will be listed as ‘founding members ‘

and once we get to that number, development of the mobile App will begin! This will make connecting even more easy and quick. I can‘t wait to see that happen!

Yes! Let me in!
  • What our customers are saying

    What a great idea Cover My Class is! My biggest struggle at the moment is that in a small midwestern area such as the one in which I live, there are a so many instructors for such a small area that sometimes we take for granted that there will be a sub available as long as it's posted in Facebook, but either some don't check FB daily or it's lost in the newsfeed. I think CMC can be a huge asset---this way we can all check in one place and get all the details of posting and inquiring for jobs.

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